Click the image above to open a new page with tips for the many ways to use SCOIR including college comparisons, resume building for your application, writing a college essay, and financial aid. 

Access SCOIR and register your account

1) Click the link -

2) Click "Login with G" or "Sign in with Google" (below 'forgot your password')

3) Log in with your SB Unified Gmail account


Below you can follow along (in English or Spanish) with us as we log in to SCOIR.




Next Steps with Scoir for Students: 

Click here to learn how to Search Colleges within Scoir

A great feature within Scoir is the ability to compare colleges side by side. Learn more about that here

College Visits are a big part of preparing for college. Beginning in your freshman year, you can attend visits with College Representatives who will share information about their university. This will help you to determine if that college might be a good fit for your interests and goals after high school. Learn how to sign up for San Marcos's visits with College Representatives through your Scoir account by clicking here

Invite a family member to help you explore colleges! Parents and Guardians can have their own account. Find out how to invite a family member here

How to use SCOIR for students in grades 9 - 12