Tips for accessing scholarships:

  • Make a copy of the SB Unified Scholarship List Below. Highlight each scholarship that you may be eligible for. This can be done in your first couple of years of high school so that you're prepared with a list of scholarships you plan to apply to your Senior year.
  • Read each scholarship application thoroughly so you are aware of the application deadline and can plan to submit it several days prior to the deadline, if possible.
  • Ask another person to review your scholarship application essay(s), if application.  Attention to details might make the difference in whether or not you receive the scholarship.
  • Make sure to check out the Financial Aid & Scholarships section on college websites for specific information related to their campus.


Scholarship Search Sites:

  • Fast Web – the largest FREE scholarship database
  • Chegg – scholarship matching database
  • College Answer - free scholarship information from Sallie Mae
  • – free national scholarship database
  • Big Future - find all about how to pay for college with videos, information about scholarships, loans, and tools and calculators to help estimate college costs.
  • -With the most comprehensive scholarship database available, students find national and local scholarships that match their qualifications and can sort them by level of effort or competition.