Major's Program

MAJORS Program:

The professional portfolio is the capstone project of the Majors Program. The Majors portfolio is meant to be worked on throughout 10th to 12th grade. Participating students are required to choose a career pathway & complete the following career exploration assignments by the end of their senior year:

  • Declaration of Major Form
  • Information Interview
  • Job Shadow
  • Class related to field of interest
  • Internship
  • Resume
  • Mock Job Interview

Field of Studies

  • Agriculture
  • Arts, Media & Entertainment
  • Business
  • Education/Teaching
  • Engineering Technology
  • Health Careers
  • Home Economics
  • Industrial & Technology
  • Public & Human Services

After writing a brief evaluation of their experiences, students are asked to compile their work in a Professional Portfolio. Seniors who complete the requirements earn a medal to wear at graduation and a certificate of completion. Please stop by the Career Center to pick up a packet and more information.