Community Service

In Santa Barbara Unified, graduation requirements include the completion of 60 hours community service hours (BP 6146.1).

For current 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, due to pandemic conditions resulting in school closure, 15 hours of community service have been waived from graduation requirements. Students who are in 9th grade this school year will need to complete the full requirements set out in Board Policy.

12th Grade (Class of 2022) = 45 hours
11th Grade (Class of 2023) = 45 hours
10th Grade (Class of 2024) = 45 hours
9th Grade (Class of 2025) = 60 hours

As a reminder, all required Community Service Hours for the class of 2022 must be turned into the student’s College and Career Center by their site’s May deadline. Please contact College and Career Center staff Ms. Nereyda Cotter to learn more and pick up the Community Service form for documenting hours.

Community Service Award
Eligibility for the Community Service Award will also be prorated as follows:

12th Grade (Class of 2022) = 150 hours
11th Grade (Class of 2023) = 150 hours
10th Grade (Class of 2024) = 150 hours
9th Grade (Class of 2025) = 200 hours

Requirements may be subject to change in accordance with changing pandemic conditions.

 You can access our Community Service Form and list of non-profit partners below.

Click here for Community Service Form

Click here for Community Service List of Partners (As of March 2020)