Career Planning

For students looking to explore their career path at home, these sites are a good place to start. Engaging in conversation with adults in a variety of occupations can provide some invaluable insight as well. They can tell you the pros of working in their field (I enjoy working with so many different people throughout the day) and the cons (it can be challenging to find the time to eat lunch). It can be fun to do some of this exploration with others so contact the College & Career Center if you'd like to do some of this research together,

California CareerZone – California CareerZone is a career exploration and planning system designed especially for students. We encourage students to create an account so they can track their search and note which occupations they find interesting. A good place for students to start is with the Interest Profiler. They can continue on to complete the Work Importance Profiler and Assess Yourself assessment. Comprehensive information on 900 occupations includes state specific wages, worker attributes, job characteristics, and much more. 

Career One Stop – Utilized nation-wide to explore careers, this website can also help students explore careers, as well as research types of training needed for different careers.  

Big Future – This is CollegeBoard's planner which allows students to find college majors based on their interests, get career ideas or watch videos to see how others decided on careers.