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Our College and Career Center helps students to find work while in high school, prepare for college, as well as plan for their long-term future. If you have questions about any information contained within these pages, please contact Lauren Haines

Career Exploration

Learning about different careers is a process. Students should not feel that they need to decide now what they will do for long-term work. But finding out which careers might be a good fit for your interests and talents can be fun! Utilize our Career Exploration page to find out information about careers that you already have in mind or take an interest inventory to have careers suggested based on your skills and interests. 

College Admissions

College Visits

Community Service

Financial Aid (FAFSA, Scholarships, etc.)

Jobs and Internships 

Santa Barbara City College Information


By using SCOIR students can research and compare colleges,  view our college representative calendar, and learn from current students about hundreds of different colleges. 

Student Athletes