Athletic Packet

In order for an athletic to participate in any sport, s/he must complete the Athletic Packet. 

(Instrucciones En Español)

Step 1 - Complete this form - 2023-2024 Athletic Clearance Registration

  • Have all your documents ready before you Start your Athletic Clearance Registration.

Documents to have on hand:

  1. Medical insurance card (if you have insurance)

  2. Name and phone # of your Primary care Doctor

  3. List of Medications you are currently taking

  4.  Names of Surgeries you have had and date of surgeries.

  5. Names of Medical Conditions

  6. Your School Student ID  / Email

  7. Sports injuries in the past year

  8. Completed Physical Form:

Your physical can  be uploaded as an image taken by your phone or as a scanned PDF.

  • For athletes who wish to purchase additional insurance. - If you need additional Student Accident Insurance, you will need to complete an additional form (click here).
    • Please send the complete form(s) with payment to: Miss Brenda Coronel c/o Athletics Office, San Marcos High School, 4750 Hollister Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93110. 

Here is some helpful information for you to complete the online Athletic Clearance documents so your student - athletes can compete this school year. 

Blue text are links to information

To enter Athletic Clearance information at

Make sure you choose “For Students & Parents”

Calif. Family Athletic Clearance instructions  

YouTube instructions

Home Campus Help Desk

  • Make sure you choose San Marcos (Santa Barbara) as your school. (There are other San Marcos High Schools)
  • Please check off all the sports you intended to play. It is easier to remove sports later than to add them. 
  • Physicals are good for one year, so please make sure your physical does not expire in the middle of your season of sport. 

IMPORTANT: Your signature Must match Name you Registered with EX. John Doe Smith

Sign : John Doe Smith  

If you Sign: John Smith  You may get an  error and not be able to continue.


If you have any questions, please contact your head coach. You can also contact Mr. Solis at or Miss Brenda Coronel at