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Shawn Ricci » Essential # 10

Essential # 10

Essential # 10: The school or district has identified resources for program costs, has agreed to,implement all AVID Implementation Essentials and to participate in AVID Certification. It has committed to ongoing participation in AVID staff development.

Below are the district responses to our questions:

1. In your opinion how would you say the Santa Barbara School District participates/facilitates (in) the AVID program? SBUSD participates in the AVID College Readiness System as a school and districwide approach for improving the educational and academic outcomes of all students. We support AVID elective programs at all of our regular jr. and senior high schools.

2. What resources is the district identifying to provide for and/or help supplement the growing AVID programs and program costs? The major costs of our growing AVID programs are related to funding for each section of the AVID elective, and to AVID training of teachers and administrators at AVID Summer Inst. SBUSD allows for our schools to determine how many sections of AVID to run, and allows for this in each school's budget. SBUSD also identifies an annual formula to determine how many Summer Institute participants will be funded centrally from each school. Site leadership also identifies site level funds to match or exceed that number.

3. How do you personally feel about the AVID program? What experiences do you have with AVID? I have been involved in teaching, growing, and supporting our AVID implementation for the last 9 years. I feel that no single class or program is as effective in terms of helping our young people grow into positive citizens and college going scholars. AVID students are the BEST students our district has to offer.

4. How essential do you feel the AVID program is to the Santa Barbara School district? Without the growth and success of the AVID program, I do not think that our students would have the positive mirrors in their classes that they do now. I think that AVID is critical to SBUSD in closing the achievement gap, supporting "students in the middle", and realizing a truly culturally proficient system.

5. With the growing of the number of Avid students is the district looking for new ways to fund Avid elective classes so they do not lose other important electives on campus? We are constantly trying to balance this.

6. It's becoming difficult to compete against other organizations for fundraising, are there any plans to partner with hotels or bus businesses to reduce the costs of college field trips? This will be a focus for the work AVID Site Coordinators and our District Director in the coming year. This year we were able to secure $4,500 in outside dollars for our jr. high AVID college visits. It would be great to find something similar for each of our high schools.