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Shawn Ricci » Essential # 5

Essential # 5

Essential #5 - A strong, relevant writing and reading curriculum provide a basis for instruction in the AVID classroom.  

AVID weekly is an essential part of all AVID elective classes at San Marcos. In addition, our school has made "annotating the text" a school wide practice. Students transfer these critical thinking, reading, and writing skills to other subjects. AVID students also read a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, and visual texts as part of the AVID elective curriculum. Our AVID elective teachers are from varying disciplines and utilize their strengths to supplement the AVID elective class. We also work within our AVID elective classes to write personal narratives, college admission essays, biographies, reflections, academic summaries, rhetorical precis', and a host of other writing activities that are continually influenced by our reading. Many of our AVID students are in other classes together and build on the reading and writing skills they learn in AVID through their other coursework.

Please see student video in support of essential #5.