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Shawn Ricci » Essential # 4

Essential # 4

Essential #4 - AVID students must be enrolled in a rigorous course of study that will enable them to meet requirements for university enrollment.

One of the problems the past 2 years was the fact that we are working to help more under-represented students enroll in their first AP course. Many accept and flourish in the course, yet others struggle and receive either a D or an F. Unfortunately the past two years they have not been able to make up the D grade to continue to be A-G eligible due to summer school only allowing those who have failed. This year that has changed and students can continue to challenge more AP course, receive support from AVID and have a plan to fall back on in the event they are not successful. 99% of our AVID seniors are A-G eligible this year.

Please see video with Mr. Gil discussing how our counseling department supports our AVID students.