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Shawn Ricci » Essential # 3

Essential # 3

Essential # 3: The school must be committed to full implementation of the AVID program, with students enrolled in the AVID year long elective class(es) available within the regular academic school day.

Over 95% of our AVID students are enrolled in the AVID year long elective classes with the exception of certain cases. Given the dynamics of the block schedule some students will sometimes miss one semester due to participation in any one of our various academies. We view this as part of the strength of our AVID program - we pride ourselves in getting students selected to be part of these competitive academies. While the students are not in the AVID elective we have them check in once a week and continue to monitor their progress. In addition, we also have some AVID students who take both AP an dual enrollment classes which sometimes conflict with the AVID elective class - these "singletons" are only taught once during the day and we feel it is important to support all our AVID students in taking the most rigorous courses possible.

Please see videos for interviews with Mr. Behrens and Mr. Garske who further discuss how we are implementing the year long AVID elective class.