San Marcos High School

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SLO (SMHS Expected School Wide Learning Goals) » SLO (SMHS Expected School Wide Learning Goals)

SLO (SMHS Expected School Wide Learning Goals)

San Marcos High School

Student Learner Outcomes


In order to become college and career ready, San Marcos High School students will:


Academic Achiever

    Value education and academic integrity.
      Set and pursue high academic goals while mastering the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.
     Determine strengths and interests while striving for academic and vocational rigor.
     Use appropriate learning skills, tools, strategies, and technology to achieve academically.
     Understand and value the importance of all subject areas.

Community Participant

    Show respect for all people and cultures.
    Balance individual interests and school and civic responsibilities.
    Devote time, energy and talent to build relationships while improving the school and community.
    Embrace the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy.

Effective Thinker & Communicator

    Read, write, speak, and listen thoughtfully and critically.
    Analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and apply information to solve problems.
    Apply a variety of communication skills appropriately.
    Perform effectively as an individual and in collaboration with others.