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TechEQUITY Technology Documents

The following google docs are quick explanations of how to use different technology tools such as NEO functions, ipad Apps, and Google apps.
 NEO:  Advanced NEO Tips (created by David Young)
NEO:  How to create Term Three Class Creation (created by Amy McMillian, adapted by Lara Willbanks)
NEO:  Grading Scheme Explanation (screencast by Gina Pierce)
NEO:  Submitting Assignments from Google Drive to NEO (these instructions would be great to give to students)
NEO:  How to use with (screencast by Gretchen Hess)
NEO: How to Submit a NEO tech ticket (created by Lara Willbanks)
Google Forms (General) (created by David Young)
Google My Maps (created by Melanie Jacobson)
The NEW Google Sites (created by David Young)
FlipGrid (created by Helen Murdoch). Students can create and submit videos.
Remind (Instructions for Teachers by Sherri Bryan)
Today's Meet Instructions (created by Melanie Jacobson) for Students (created by Amy McMillian) for Teachers (created by Amy McMillian)
Quizzlet (created by David Young)
Quizzlet LIve (created by Katherine Hilzer)
ZipGrade (created by Melanie Jacobson)