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Work Ed Information

Work Ed-Expectations

San Marcos High School


Must attend one class a week. Class is held every Wednesday during lunch. You can only attend the 3rd period class if you have 3rd period dismissal. Attendance is very important. You will have one opportunity to not come to class. So be very careful about how you use this “perk”

You are responsible for getting an evaluation and or training plan to your employer or volunteer site and returned to me

You can fill out the SBCC dual enrollment application. If you complete this along with your packet you will receive an extra 50 points.


For Paid Work Experience:

Must work at a job site that taxes are taken out

Must bring your check stubs-need to have 75 hours for the term and 150 hours per semester


For Exploratory Work Experience, non-paid:

Must submit a work experience time sheet every 2 weeks-need to have 6 hours per week, 54 hours per term and 108 hours per semester

Must be a NON-PROFIT organization


Grading is as follows:

100 pts. per class session

100 pts. for total required hours turned in either with paycheck stubs for paid work or the work experience time sheet for volunteer work

100 pts. for the evaluation or training plan

50   pts. for SBCC dual enrollment application

25 pts. for each assignment


** Contact Ms. Tate if you have any questions at