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College Information

College Information

NCAA Eligibility (click here)


Use the links below to find out about various aspects of playing sport in college:


NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly NCAA Clearing House) update: Registration is required before the end of the junior year and registration must include a transcript. However, if the transcript does not contain the final grades from the Junior year, they require another transcript after the end of the Junior year.  (This is in addition to the Final Transcript/Proof of Graduation.)  There is no mention of the Junior year transcript in their registration instructions.


Recruiting Process 


College Scholarships 


College Search 


College Prep and College Choice 

  • Prepare for college: Planning ahead pays off (Sally Wood)
  • Questions for your visit (Anne Williamson)
  • What colleges want, what are they looking for (Mary Jo Phillips)
  • College application tips and information for the college-bound teen (Carlin Carr)
  • Helping your students preparing for the exams (Sally Wood)
  • Brandon Rogers: why choose a community college? (Brandon Rogers)
  • How to get accepted at the college of your choice (Bob Collins)
  • How to acquire college level sports skills and then present them to college courses (Bob Collins)


Affording a College Education 

Financial Aid 

FAFSA (Financial Aid)

Campus Based Aid 


International Aid 

International education financial aid

International scholarships: database for international students

International student loans



Teacher education assistance for college and higher education grant (TEACH)

Federal Pell Grant

Federal supplemental education opportunity grant (FSEOG)

Academic competitiveness grant

National science and mathematics access to retain talent grant (National SMART grant)

Institution grants



Stafford loans: FFELs and Direct loans (for students)

Plus loans (for parents)


Organizations Offering Aid

Fastweb: find scholarships, jobs, internships, and college choices

College scholarships: database with information for college bound students

Scholarship Database

Broke Scholar: find scholarships that fit your interests

College scholarships: diverse amounts of grant and scholarship opportunities

Scholarships for athletes

Private scholarship database

College resource center for the college bound student

College Board: find scholarships, internships, financial aid, or grants

Scholarships: find money for college

Find tuition: find grants and scholarships for college

Scholarship Experts: learn about scholarships and sign up for money

College Board: locate scholarships that fit your background

College information: offers college advice and scholarships

College advice and a tutorial on how to write exceptional scholarship essays

Sports scholarships and financial aid information

Scholarships for Latino students





                    College Entrance Tests





NCAA Connect main page

NCAA online resource for NCAA rules

Division I, II, and III: what are the difference between the divisions?

NCAA eligibility center (clearing house)

NCAA amateurism certification

National letter of intent (NLI): a brief overview of the purpose and effect on college athletes