Logo Usage and Approval Process

San Marcos High School is pleased to announce that we have an updated school logo and other graphic assets included in this usage guide  for our students, families, and school community. We would like to thank Ms. Cya Nelson Drew, Owner and Creative Director of Cyan Design Studio ,who donated all of her services as a gift to her two children, from the Classes of 2020 and 2021, and her husband, a long time teacher in the Special Education Department at San Marcos High School.

Timeline and Purpose

A student initiated logo update project began in October 2019.  This evolved into a branding project, which was ultimately approved by the ASB on July 9, 2020.  The project was finalized on August 7, 2020 based on alumni feedback. The purpose was to create a consistent and modern brand for San Marcos that honors its rich history tradition while adding several new graphic assets for students and staff to use when representing San Marcos High School.

  • Primary Marks
  • Secondary Marks
  • Other Organizations with Customized Logos

Usage Guidelines

To maintain the quality and consistency of our school brand, all entities on campus may use the logos as long as they follow the Usage Guidelines here.  If you are a staff member or a coach, complete this Apparel and Signage Approval Form prior to ordering any items listed. All other entities must obtain permission to use our logos. Please submit this Logo Usage Approval Form along with the Apparel and Signage Approval Form to the Assistant Principal in charge of Activities and Athletics.

Legacy Logo

San Marcos High School acknowledges its long tradition of excellence and honors its alumni. All alumni organizations are encouraged to use the legacy logo for the purpose of promoting any event organized by the alumni. 

Current student groups may use the legacy logo when hosting any event where alumni are involved. Please contact the Assistant Principal in charge of Activities and Athletics for access to those files as needed. 

As of 2020, San Marcos High School is planning to create a display of the history of its logos in the library. If you are interested in supporting this effort, please contact Mr. Aaron Solis at asolis@sbunified.org.

Phased Rollout

San Marcos High School administration will begin the rollout by updating all digital logos on its website and social media accounts. Various social media filters will also be available for everyone. Coaches who have not yet placed their athletic gear orders will use the new logos as they place new orders. We plan to sell new spirit gear for those who would want it for the new school year. 

All landmarks, including the turf, will bear the legacy logo until they need to be replaced due to inevitable wear and tear.