High School

Site Council

The name of this organization shall be the San Marcos High School Site Management Site Council (hereafter referred to as "Site Council").

Site Council means the elected committee for San Marcos High School composed of Representatives from the school community; parents, teachers, students, non-classroom and administrative persons, whose function is to act as a SHARED DECISION MAKING related to the following areas:

  • Budget/ Development
  • Staff Development
  • Assessment and Accountability
  • School Growth and Development
  • Technology
  • School Safety
  • Additional areas of responsibility may be added to this list with the consent of the Site Council.

Site Council will also advise the school on matters related to policy, curriculum, administration and relations with the San Marcos community and the public.

Site Council members representing parents or students shall not be employees of the school district.

Utilizing the resources of parents, community and staff, the Site Council shall develop, implement and assess a school improvement plan.  The Site Council shall annually review the Single Plan for Student Achievement, establish a new school improvement budget consistent with the Education Code and the Single Plan for Student Achievement, and assess periodically the effectiveness of the Plan, and, if necessary, make modifications in the Plan to reflect changing needs and priorities.

Education Code Section 52852 (formerly 52012) specifies that a school improvement plan shall be developed by a school site council (SSC). The law says, “The SSC shall be composed of the principal; representatives of teachers selected by teachers at the school; other school personnel selected by peers at the school; parents of pupils attending the school selected by such parents; and, in secondary schools, pupils selected by pupils attending the school.”

Through assessing education needs, planning of education programs, definition of goals and evaluation of programs, the Site Council shall actively seek to provide support and information for the school community and receive suggestions and reaction from the members of this community.  The promotion of meaningful growth and development of the total school program shall be of prime concern to the Site Council.

The Site Council shall encourage and reinforce communication between the school and the community, and take other actions as required by the Education Code.

Site Council shall be composed of the Principal or proper designee (1 administrator); teachers elected by teachers at the school (6 teachers); counselor elected by the counselors (1 counselor); non-classroom personnel elected by non-classroom personnel at school (2 classified); parents of students attending San Marcos High School elected by such parents (5 parents); and students elected by students attending San Marcos (5 students).  Elected alternates shall be provided by each of the above constituencies.

The Site Council shall be constituted to ensure an equal balance between school employees and student/parent members.

Bylaws (Click here for Bylaws)

SSC Agenda 27 Sept 2021

SCC Agenda 24 October 2022

SSC Agenda 2/27/23

Updated on 10/26/2022